Airframe Kits - 51% approved

SkyRanger V-Fun                         $16,250.00

The Original SkyRanger, build for fun, safety, and performance. Easy construction, builds in just a few short weeks

SkyRanger V-Max (BCARS version)     $16,250.00

Approved with BCARS. This aircraft has been flight tested to exceed British flight standards and is perfect for our 4 cylinder engines. Great for touring or just playing around sky!

SkyRanger Nynja (kit form)         $20,250.00

Includes X-lam fabric and also includes a Fiberglass fuselage. This fun sporty aircraft is faster than all other SkyRangers and is a fun agile aircraft. The slightly higher wing loading creates a smoother less turbulent ride!

Instrument Kit - This kit is designed for the builder that just wants something that is reliable. The great thing about building your own aircraft is the ability to change and modify design.  Below is a list of instruments that we have found to be reliable and affordable, getting you into the air quicker!

  1. -Airspeed (UMA 0-120 mph)

  2. -Altimeter (Falcon - three point 20,000’)

  3. -Vertical Speed (UMA 0-2000 fpm)

-Grand Rapids EIS 4000 (different model for Rotax 912)

-Key Ignition (left, right, start)

-Breaker Switches (25 amp, 10 amp, 5 amp)


Jabiru 2200 - 85 hp. Air cooled

        Comes standard with exhaust and cooling shrouds

            (Accessory Package from SRAC is $1800)


Rotax 912UL or ULS - from 80 hp to 100 hp

        Accessories will need to be purchased such as radiator, Exhaust, Oil Cooler, and  plumbing hoses (Accessory Package from SRAC is $2200)

Call for Current Pricing!

Rotax 503 and 582 are available for the SkyRanger

        A great answer to your more affordable aircraft. Both engines perform very well in the SkyRanger and should be looked at by anyone on a short term budget. Please call for pricing!!


-IVO Patriot (great for 912ul)  $615.00

-IVO Medium (912uls) $1099.00

-Sensenich 62-42 (Jabiru) $895.00

Prices do not include shipping and may change without notice

Motor Mounts are free if Airframe & Engine are purchased through us!

SkyRanger Aircraft Company, Inc.

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Hedgesville, WV 25427        304-754-6010

SkyRanger Options

  1.        Motor Mount - $699.00 (with kit purchase)

        Rotax, Jabiru, VW includes proper cowling for each model, Free if engine is purchased

        with Kit

  1.         X-Lam Fabric - $1995.00

        Only available in Red or white, UV resistant, no clear coat necessary

  1.      Folding Wing Kit - $950.00

        Complete Folding Wing kit, Can be fitted to existing Models

  1.      Fuel System Upgrade - $629.00

        22 gal fuel tank, 25’ fuel line, Fuel Fittings, Filter, fuel pump

  1.      Electric Flaps - $789.00

       Flap motor, Switch and hardware for Installation

  1.      Wheel pants - $715.00

        Main Gear pants, Nose Gear pant, Front Cuff

  1.      Wing Tips - $295.00 Standard with Nynja Purchase

        Set of Plastic formed wing tips, great for Nav/Strobe lights!

Kit Standard Features

Pre-Built & Covered Tail

Ailerons Flaps  

Many Sub Assemblies Complete  

Full Enclosure

Dual Controls

Spacious 43” Cabin

Skylight Roof

 Luggage Area

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

 3 Position Flaps

In Flight Trim

Strong Landing Gear

Many Color Choices