SkyRanger Kits


Recognized as the best built kit aircraft in the world. You will not find an simpler or safer aircraft with this much performance. SkyRanger customers will tell you that building a SkyRanger was a joy. The bolt together all pre-drill structure makes this aircraft a winner for the first time builder. With a great manual and video assistance anyone with a dream of building a Sport aircraft should start with a SkyRanger. There are more than 1600 SkyRangers flying in the world today and all were completed by people like you. From day one you will see what sets this aircraft apart from the rest. Every inch of this aircraft has been designed with you the builder in mind.


    -“After just a few short day’s I could see an aircraft coming to shape. Try that with any other kit on the market!” - Dave Ditto

    -”I completed my SkyRanger in just under two months, now I am flying and enjoy every moment I spend in the air knowing that I built this aircraft” - Tim Robins


SkyRanger VMax

SkyRanger Manual
BCARS Manual
Parts Manual SkyRanger
SkyRanger Manual                                                     304-754-6010

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